About Us

VONDii comes from the word Vie which means lifetime in French and the fond which means to be fond of something/ someone; happy/loving. The brand strives to provide a lifetime/everlasting fashion styles, curated by the owners that are truly fond of fashion with customer satisfaction as the main goal.

Established in 2017, the brand is created with the aim of providing a convenient and accessible multi-label platform for fashion lovers. VONDii provides the luxury of being able to shop a variety of brands in one website to fulfil the fashion needs of busy urban woman. VONDii believes in the beauty of simplicity of everyday wear and modern femininity; the merge between minimalist fashion and delicate feminine details. The brands provide clothes that are fashionable and flexible for the wearer to adjust with their personal style.

Be a part of VONDii by shopping with us and sharing your look through Instagram using the hashtag #iwearvondii

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